Buying an Amazon FBA Business?

Whether you’re still searching for the right business or have already put in an offer - I’m here to help you make the right decisions and reduce risk.

You Won’t Find Any Pre-Set “Packages” Here

Why? Because I believe all acquisitions are not made equal and won’t patronize you by charging you for things that you’re perfectly comfortable taking care of yourself.
But I do have the capacity to help you across the spectrum, on an as-needed basis.
Bryan O'Neil

Founder & CEO of the The FBA Guys

15-Minute Listing Assessment

A second pair of eyes is always useful to spot any risks or inconsistencies.

Professional Valuation

Getting a non-biased valuation can help keep brokers and sellers in line.

Amazon Storefront Risk Assessment

Everything from the health of the review profile to competitive threats.

Financial Due Diligence & Review

Helping you review and verify the financials provided by the seller.

Deal Negotiations

There’s more to deals than just coming up with a number. Good deals don’t get offered by brokers or sellers.

LOI & APA Review

I provide non-legal LOI and APA review to spot deal-related issues that lawyers often miss.

Growth Planning

Helping you take the business to a new level post-acquisition.

Closing Co-Ordination

Closing can be stressful and cause delays. It’s important to plan the Closing Day properly and well in advance.

Business Transition Assistance

Amazon businesses can be tricky to transfer. My expertise helps avoid last-minute issues, account suspensions and misunderstandings.

Are we a good fit for each other?

I serve all of my clients personally and don’t outsource important tasks to junior advisors. Because of this, I only work with clients for whom I can provide the most value.

Are we a match? Let’s get to know each other and find out:

1. Where are you in your journey to buying a business?

2. What’s your timeline for an acquisition?

3. What’s your target acquisition size?

4. What do you need help with?

(Tick all that apply)

About Us

The FBA Guys aims to help Amazon sellers launch, grow and eventually exit from their businesses by providing access to high-quality information, resources and recommendations.

Founded by a serial M&A entrepreneur Bryan O'Neil, our team has over 21 years of combined experience in the online business acquisitions industry. We've bought, sold, brokered and analysed a larger number of websites and businesses than most.

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Bryan O'Neil
Born a serial entrepreneur. Techy. Business Broker. Analytical Mind.
Justin Gilchrist
UK based entrepreneur with a love of super geeky data led projects.